• Cleanliness  - All Portable Toilets are stream cleaned prior to delivery.
  • Value  - All portable toilets are supplied with toilet tissuem deodorant & hand sanitizer.
  • Reliability  - Portable toilets are delivered in a timely manner.
  • Experience  - We have supplying Portable Toilets since 1980.
  • Well-trained service staff which prides itself on superior customer service.
  • State-of-the-art portable restrooms well maintained and thoroughly clean.
  • Professionally trained on-site attendant(s) optional.
  • Cleaning and restocking services.
  • Flexible delivery and pick up schedule.
  • Competitive, Reasonable Cost and fair pricing structure.
  • Family Owned and Operated.
  • Quick and easy on-line reservation service.
  • Brand new units.
  • Wide Variety of Portable Toilet Equipment.
  • Newer equipment and trucks, we continually update our equipment providing you with the latest technology.


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Pilipinas Portalet Rental Services

H. Malabanan
QUESTION: How much do portable toilets cost?
ANSWER: Depends on what kind of restroom rental and where portable toilet is going. Is restroom rental for a special event or for construction? How long will you need the toilet rental? How many restrooms do you need?

QUESTION: What do portable toilets come with for construction?
ANSWER: Tissue paper, Biodegradable deodorizer (Yes, PPRS is Green!) Urinal, Toilet paper Dispenser with built-in shelf and seat Power steam cleaned, bacteria free and ready to use when dropped off. PILIPINAS PORTALET RENTAL SERVICES are 100% self contained.

QUESTION: What do portable toilets come with for special event?
ANSWER: Tissue paper, Biodegradable deodorizer (Yes, PPRS is Green!) Re-circulating kit, Fresh water tank, Toilet Paper dispenser with built –in shelf and toilet seat cover. 

QUESTION: Do you deliver and pickup?
ANSWER: Yes we do. Just about anywhere in National Capital Region, Central Luzon, CALABARZON and Northern Mindanao. Just call for availability. 

QUESTION: Can I lock the unit?
ANSWER: Yes – PPRS restroom units come with a hasp on them. You can supply your own combo lock and provide us with the combination for servicing or we can supply you with a lock for a small one time charge.

QUESTION: Where can you place my portable toilet?
ANSWER: We will make every attempt to place the portable toilet according to your instructions. However, there are times when this is not possible. The unit must be placed where the delivery driver can drive the truck, and the service technician can reach the unit for service. This ensures that our trucks, employees and equipment are not in any risk of injury. 

QUESTION: What areas do you service?
ANSWER: Most of National Capital Region, Central Luzon, CALABARZON and Northern Mindanao.

QUESTION: Who is responsible for the unit?
ANSWER: The customer is responsible once we delivery the restroom. You now have care, custody and control of the unit. 

QUESTION: Can I put the unit on the street?
ANSWER: Unless you have permission or authorization, it has to be on your property, not city property.

QUESTION: Do they have lights? My function is an evening event.
ANSWER: Yes, they can have. Upon request, we provide an optional soft florescent closet light. Suspended from the units vent, the cost is minimal and provides ample lighting for guest usage. Optional lighting is available for a slight rental fee. Ask for details.

QUESTION: How often would the unit be serviced?
ANSWER: Special Event units are dropped off and picked up on a prearranged date. 90% off all special event units will not require service, but it is an option that can added for those needing service. Non Event units are available for those needing units for longer than a day or weekend. On such units, 2 times per week minimum is required for 10 workers working a 40 hour week. 

QUESTION:  Are you open weekends?

QUESTION: What is the difference between a drop tank, a re-circulating tank and a fresh water tank?
ANSWER: All the above are types of waste tanks and their systems. A drop tank is an open tank, which has no frills and like the name suggests it is used as a popular toilet for construction sites, roadsides and places where one needs to have a quick job and get on with it, the system has no flushing facility. The Re-circulating tank takes the deodorized liquid and provides home-like flushing.  In this tank, fresh water is run into the waste tank. The bio-chemical is then added to this water, which turns it blue. The unit is now ready for use. As the unit is used the solid waste settles down to the bottom of the waste tank leaving the clear water above. The unit has a re-circulating system, where as the name suggests - the clear water is re-circulated from time to time when the flush is engaged and clear water, which is blue in color, effectively arrives in the cistern and cleans it. After a number of uses, the color of the water starts becoming yellowish; this is an indicator to inform the cleaning service for evacuation. Fresh water Flush is exactly like the flushing systems in our homes. There is a separate water tank, which is provided inside the unit and every time the flush is engaged, fresh water arrives in the cistern and cleans the toilet bowl and settles in the waste tank. 

More Questions

QUESTION: Where can the units be installed?
ANSWER: Just about anywhere. In places where there is no drainage line or septic tanks and where providing good sanitation is a must. Busy streets, shopping areas, camps, outdoor events like marriages, festivals, golf tournaments, entertainment shows, concerts, public rallies, election campaigns, places where construction is not permitted or possible, construction sites, beaches, tourist spots, parks, high ways, etc.

QUESTION: How far in advance do I need to reserve a portable toilet?
ANSWER: Please contact our office at least one week prior to your construction project, or special event.

QUESTION: Will the portable toilets be clean for my event?
ANSWER: We take great pride in offering our customers the best service in the industry. Our Weekend Restrooms are used exclusively for special events and never go on a job site. Please rest assured that you will be renting a clean, sanitized and new portable restroom for your event. 

QUESTION: How often is my portable toilet serviced?
ANSWER: Our pricing includes twice a week service. Our trained service technicians will clean your portable toilet a minimum of twice a week provided your rental is accessible. Our drivers must have access to any rental units at all times. This includes giving our office a key to any gates and keeping vehicles a safe distance from the unit. We are capable of servicing more than twice a week if needed. Please contact our office staff for more information.

QUESTION: How many toilets do I need for my job site or special event?
ANSWER: We can help with that, we have an estimator that helps determine the number of toilets needed base on hours worked and the number of people on the job site.  Please give us your numbers. Please call (02) 361-4158 /(02) 361-58-31 or contact us for assistance.

QUESTION: What hours do you service the toilets?
ANSWER: Our drivers start their work at 7:00 AM and the work ends when their route is done.  For special events, we have full time on-site services available to keep the equipment clean and stocked for the duration of your event.

QUESTION: How much toilet paper do you put in the toilets?
ANSWER:  For once a week service we put 3 rolls per toilet per week. For twice a week service we put 2 rolls per toilet per week.

QUESTION: Am I required to have a portable toilet on my job site?
ANSWER: OSHA requires a portable toilet on a job site under safety and health regulations for a construction site. Most ordinances specifically spell out the requirements of a Portable Toilet on a Construction Site and inspectors will require sanitation services before issuing permits for construction.

QUESTION: Does a portable toilet on my construction site really cuts down on expenses and time, and do proper placement and location really save me money?
ANSWER: Hiring the right company to make the best recommendations for you portable sanitation needs is very important to increase productivity because:
  • Choosing best locations minimizes the need to walk across the project site to use a portable toilet facility.
  • Consider the time workers must spend walking to and from an alternative sanitary or "unsanitary" facility because no close facility has been provided.
  • The construction site is a reflection on your company and is seen by customers, inspectors and the general public. A worksite with adequate worker sanitation facilities will enhance your company's image.
  • Adequate number of units provide for cleaner facilities - less use per unit.
  • Make your workers happier and more productive.

QUESTION: After the portalet is cleaned, where is the waste disposed?
ANSWER: The waste from the portalet is disposed at our treatment facility which is approved by DENR, where we treated the waste.  

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us at (02) 361-4158 /(02) 361-5831