• Cleanliness  - All Portable Toilets are stream cleaned prior to delivery.
  • Value  - All portable toilets are supplied with toilet tissuem deodorant & hand sanitizer.
  • Reliability  - Portable toilets are delivered in a timely manner.
  • Experience  - We have supplying Portable Toilets since 1980.
  • Well-trained service staff which prides itself on superior customer service.
  • State-of-the-art portable restrooms well maintained and thoroughly clean.
  • Professionally trained on-site attendant(s) optional.
  • Cleaning and restocking services.
  • Flexible delivery and pick up schedule.
  • Competitive, Reasonable Cost and fair pricing structure.
  • Family Owned and Operated.
  • Quick and easy on-line reservation service.
  • Brand new units.
  • Wide Variety of Portable Toilet Equipment.
  • Newer equipment and trucks, we continually update our equipment providing you with the latest technology.


#1 Mc Arthur Hi-Way Potrero, Malabon, Metro Manila.
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Pilipinas Portalet Rental Services

H. Malabanan
PILIPINAS PORTALET RENTAL SERVICES (PPRS) prides itself on being one of the most reliable and responsive portable restroom rental companies in the nation. With nationwide, we have a fleet of portable restroom, portable restroom shower and portable clean water storage ready to deploy in response to any type of emergency or natural disaster.

We sympathize with the undesirable circumstances that you are experiencing, but you can rest assured knowing that you have found the right company to serve your emergency needs. Our staff understands your urgency, and that is why we offer a 24 hour emergency hotline, which allows you to speak directly with a qualified team member who will assess your situation and attend to your every need.
 Disaster Relief
Over the past several years, Pilipinas Portalet Rental Services (PPRS) has been involved with many of the Philippine natural disaster relief efforts. We realize the critical need to provide clean and sanitary restrooms, portable clean water storage and portable restroom showers for devastated disaster victims who have lost so much semblance of normalcy. 
 Emergency Situations​
Pilipinas Portalet Rental Services (PPRS) has also recognized the growing need for our facilities in other emergency situations. This fleet of portable restrooms, portable clean water storage and portable restroom shower can serve in any type of emergency situation. Our offices are flexible and want to assist in helping provide the most efficient service possible to get you back up and operating. 
 Business and Government Contracts 
Pilipinas Portalet Rental Services (PPRS) offers an assortment of options for business and government restroom remodels. We are able to place our portable restroom, portable clean water storage and portable restroom shower in discreet locations but with easy access to your patrons. Long and short term contracts are written on a case by case basis. However, national contacts are available with fixed pricing nationwide.
 Disaster Management Planning
Pilipinas Portalet Rental Services (PPRS) offers a unique plan to assist your organization in planning for a natural disaster or emergency situation. We offer guaranteed portable restroom, portable shower and portable clean water storage facilities to your company at a reduced cost. Let us be your preferred choice for emergency restroom and restroom shower. Do not be left unprepared.

Our Guarantee
We guarantee delivery of portable restroom, portable restroom shower and portable clean water storage  anywhere in the National Capital Region, Central Luzon, Calabarzon and Northen Mindanao areas., within 24 to 48 hours of a confirmed contract.